About Us

I’ve been a freelance writer since earning my M.A. in Journalism in 2005. Science and technology were my focus until I got my first big blogging gig for a financial corporation about a year into my career. That’s when personal finances and money became my favorite topics.

Working from home as an independent contractor, I used to be so afraid of making mistakes with my money that I never did anything with it at all. The more I researched and wrote about finance, though, I realized managing my own money was not only possible but fun!

Now I make smarter use of my resources – including my time – and avoid common errors that can lead to debt. For example, I’ve learned how important outsourcing is for money management, and better still, life management.

While I love to write and contribute to several financial websites, it’s important to me to have a steady work-life balance. When I’m not at my keyboard, I’m spending time with friends and family, reading, traveling, and exploring the great outdoors.

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